Me, a mic and 15 counties

This morning, through the magic of the BBC, I put on my headphones and talked into a rather large mic at Television Centre in London to presenters up and down the country. In three hours, I chatted to warm, friendly people in Shropshire, Leeds, Hereford & Worcester, the Solent, Derby, Devon, Cambridge, Northampton, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Kent, York… (almost there, deep breath) and Leicester, all about my new book, A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England. And what intelligent, interesting questions they asked! It was genuinely great fun.

For the next seven days, you can catch some of them on iPlayer e.g.

BBC Northampton, chatting with Bernie Keith here: – starting at 2.38.50


BBC Leicester, chatting with Jonathan Lampon here – – starting 49.56

(although I do appear to say ‘lucid’, as opposed to ‘lurid’ details!)