Pick of the Day!

Both Radio Times and TV Times have chosen tonight’s episode of Bloody Tales of the Tower as one of their Picks of the Day.

The Radio Times calls me and Joe Crowley ‘a comely duo’ (!) and describes the show’s ‘often grisly expose of torture and execution at the Tower of London’. It also has a feature on one of our stories – Josef Jakobs, the last man to be executed at the Tower of London.




The TV Times says that if you’re planning to visit the Tower of London, ‘this series reveals its bloody history’ and gives the show 4 out of 5 stars.

Finally, Joe Clay at The Sunday Times (15/4/12) has chosen Bloody Tales as one of their digital choice picks.

Very pleased that three papers have chosen it as a highlight!

Airing on National Geographic Channel UK. Made by True North Productions.