Tudors – The Illustrated History

An edited extract from my Introduction to Richard Rex’s ‘Tudors’ was published in The Sunday Telegraph on 25th January 2015 – What’s So Gripping About The Tudors?

The dynasty was short-lived, insecure and suspicious, yet laid the foundations for our Navy, Church and Empire.



By Richard Rex, and with an introduction by me.

Richard Rex Tudors, an illustrated history

I was delighted to write the introduction to this splendid book by Richard Rex. Don’t miss this one.

The Tudor Period is regarded by many as England’s golden age, and still casts a spell over the public imagination. Whether it is the glittering rule of Elizabeth, the ruthless power of her father Henry VIII, or the bloody and radical reign of Mary, the Tudors remain the most fascinating English dynasty. Richard Rex looks at how the public and private lives of the Tudors were inextricably linked, and how each Tudor monarch exuded charisma and danger in equal measure.

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