Henry VIII: 500 Facts

Henry VIII: 500 Facts


Henry VIII: 500 Facts

Co-authored with Brett Dolman and Lee Prosser, David Souden and Lucy Worsley. Edited by Sarah Kilby.

Published by Historic Royal Palaces, 2009.

Henry VIII: 500 Facts is a light-hearted miscellany of Henry VIII-related trivia. With chapters on Henry the man, the husband, the father and the ruler, and examining Henry’s image, court, world and legacy, this beautifully illustrated volume is the essential reference guide for all things Henrician!

Suzannah contributed 18 of the 50 categories, gathering, in each case, the top ten:

  • Actors who played Henry VIII
  • Mistresses and near missus
  • Milestone dates in Henry VIII’s life
  • Facts about Henry VIII’s body
  • Items from Henry VIII’s wardrobe
  • Illnesses Henry had
  • Quick facts about Henry VIII’s wives
  • Cases of success and disaster at Henry VIII’s court
  • Letters from Henry VIII to his wives
  • Remedies devised by Henry VIII
  • Facts about Anne Boleyn
  • Facts about Catherine Howard
  • Facts about Kateryn Parr
  • Best books about Henry VIII
  • Rebels and martyrs in Henry VIII’s reign
  • Artefacts from Henry VIII’s reign we wish existed!
  • Worldwide events in Henry VIII’s reign
  • Things Henry VIII did that had lasting consequences for society


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