Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder

Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder

Suzannah Lipscomb wrote and presented this two-part series for CHANNEL FIVE, which aired in October and November 2015. It examines the terrible fate of the people accused of witchcraft in the British Isles in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

It was Pick of the Day in The Guardian, The Observer, Daily Express and Inside TV.

Both episodes are available to watch online on Demand 5. You can watch a trailer here.

Why should you watch it? Here’s why:

Or, if you want to read more about the persecution of witches, Suzannah wrote an article about it for BBC History Magazine online.

Written and Presented by Suzannah Lipscomb

Directed by Chris Holt

Cinematography by Brendan McGinty

Executive Producer Dan Gold

Made by CHANNEL FIVE In-House Production.