Breaking news: new history series on Elizabeth I

Here’s our breaking news, just announced by Channel Five:

Brand new history series looks at the era of Elizabeth I

Building on the success of Henry VIII and His Six Wives, Oxford Film and TV will produce a 3 x 60” docu-drama focussing on Queen Elizabeth I. The epic story will be driven by the contrasting viewpoints of Suzannah Lipscomb, who will give us Elizabeth’s point of view, and Dan Jones, who will highlight the threats posed by her enemies.  Dan and Suzannah’s duelling narrative will be heightened by dramatised scenes in which three different actors will play Elizabeth at three stages of her life, as the young princess fighting for survival, as the newly crowned Queen juggling lovers and combatting conspiracies and as the aging lioness who vanquishes her enemies at home and abroad. As Suzannah and Dan lead us through this heady tale of jealousy, treachery, ambition and tragedy, lavish dramatic reconstruction will transport viewers back to the key clashes that shaped a queen and the destiny of her people.  The series is produced by Oxford Film & TV and Channel 5’s Commissioning Editor is Lucy Willis.

Portraits of Elizabeth I at three different ages
Portraits of Elizabeth I at three different ages

45 thoughts on “Breaking news: new history series on Elizabeth I

  1. I for 1 really appreciate all the research you fo to bring these royals to life in modern terms.
    Look forward to see this when it is aired

  2. I love Dr Suzannah Lipscomb. She is my favourite. Historian. She always makes history so interesting and I love her enthusiasm.

  3. Looking forward to this, but it would be good if you could select one or two of the other Tudors as well in the future , for example Henry s sister , ect

  4. I’m in love with the Royal History and when something fresh comes out I’m all over it!! What an incredible era this was. I’m so intrigued I just had to book a trip to London England for September 2016 and see everything I possibly can in 8 days. To all the Tudor and Royal fans out there……Love from Canada!!

    1. I’m really looking forward to this. I love the Tudors and the more I watch of these programmes I always learn something I didn’t know.

  5. Brilliant concept, and looking forward to viewing it. A most interesting period of our Islands history which is brought to life through the excellent and forensic work of the Oxford film and TV Unit. In passing what would be their thoughts on a similar in depth programme covering the life and times of Samuel Pepys, because his life spans the lives of Charles the first and second along with that of Oliver Cromwell, and couple with that major disasters of the Plague and the Great Fire, and he oversaw the formative growth of our Navy. Kind regards Michael North.

  6. I’d love to see that! But won’t happen very soon here in Finland 🙁 Love all British historical series and Suzannah Lipscomb, my favorite historian 😀

  7. Loved, loved, loved the Queens of Henry VIII and can’t wait for this to air in the US. Any idea when we might be able to see it? Or should I just move to England?!?!

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