History Masterclass

History Masterclass

Historian Sam Willis and I have just set up a new little venture, called History Masterclass. The idea behind it is our desire to offer the public an opportunity to engage with history in a way that isn’t just didactic, but is interactive. Rather than just been spoken at in a room of 100+, we have created History Masterclass so that you can spend several hours with┬áleading historians, and have a chance to debate, discuss, and engage with them on important historical topics. We’ve got a really amazing line-up for 2017: Dan Snow, Janina Ramirez, Peter Frankopan, Kate Williams, Helen Castor, and me and Sam. My first Masterclass is on 11 February on ‘The Witch-Trials’.


4 thoughts on “History Masterclass

  1. Hello Dr. Lipscomb,

    I’m a huge fan of your television work “Hidden Killers” and I watch your lectures on YouTube. My favorite is the lecture of “Is the Past A Foreign Country?” It feels foreign, like whenever I step into an old house or a museum. I feel like I’m in a different world, a world of what my ancestors once experienced like the Mayflower II in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It feels amazing, a feeling of sadness (in a way that I can not describe at the moment) and a sense of preservation for future generations to come. That is why I would love to be an historian and an archivist, working in a library or a museum.

    I think this is a brilliant idea, I would pay big money to come to England and see your lecture of the Witch Trials. Your opinions are a breath of fresh air: thorough, well thought out and planned to the letter. I look forward to watching the video on YouTube and hearing your opinions.

    I have been interested in the Tudors through the influence of my Mom (Last Mother’s Day, I got her a “Complete History of Kings and Queens of England”; I’m still waiting to read it. I’m going to buy several of your books to give to her on Mother’s Day (one copy for her, one for me )

    I follow you on Twitter and I have noticed some people have been given you trouble. Don’t listen them; You are an intelligent, beautiful and well educated woman, who is a positive influence on women and young girls. You love what you do and you follow your passions with a true heart.

    I hope the video will be up
    Please take care of yourself and I hope to hear from you sometime

    An eternal fan

    1. P.S

      Forgive me for the grammatical and punctual errors in my comment. At the moment, my vision is poor due to having old and scratched lenses in my glasses.

  2. Really looking forward to my Masterclass evening with Janina Ramirez on 1 March (a birthday present to myself).

  3. Suzannah

    Thank you so much for hosting a wonderful evening with Janina Ramirez on the “Dark Ages” & to you & Sam for coming up with the idea of running these sessions. I certainly intend attending future events when I can ( including part 2 from Janina)!

    I regret missing your session on witchcraft which sounded fantastic.

    I would encourage people to take advantage of these sessions, so long as I can still book a place of course!

    Dave Fisher

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