The Great Fire: Behind the Scenes

The Great Fire: Behind the Scenes

The Great Fire – a three-part series – airs this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8pm on Channel Five. I’m really proud of it, and was delighted to work with Rob Bell and (again) with Dan Jones. Do tune in!


4 thoughts on “The Great Fire: Behind the Scenes

  1. Interesting t9 see the archaeological finds. I look forward to the series. Glad you didn’t start another fire with those lanterns!

  2. The sudden plethora of History programmes is wonderful. We have so many wonderful historians presenting them in a truly accessible manner. Nothing Po-faced or too academic, just accurate, engaging history. So a huge thank you to Suzannah Lipscomb; Dan Snow; Lucy Worsley; Kate Williams; Janina Ramirez; Alice Roberts; Neil Oliver; Mary Beard and anyone I have forgotten to name.

  3. Loving these pics suzie and ur historical programmes please keep them coming entertaining and educational love them x

  4. So looking forward to this! I’m sure it will be a really interesting programme and the photos suggest that you all enjoyed making it too.

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