Henry VIII’s Will – Podcast with Dan Jones

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Henry VIII’s Will – Podcast with Dan Jones

The wonderful medieval historian, Dan Jones, here interviews me about my new book The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of…

A Different Style of Student Life

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Blown away by this wonderful piece about NCH (and flattering mention of me) in The Daily Telegraph by History student Hugo Stevensen.

New College of the Humanities

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The week of 26th May 2014 was History Week at NCH, and New College of the Humanities is featuring one member of the History faculty via blogs and videos each day. This was my turn:

New historian at NCH

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I’m delighted to report that Dr Hannah Dawson will be joining us in the history faculty at New College of the Humanities. Hannah currently holds a senior lectureship at the University of Edinburgh and works on the history of ideas. She has a double first class degree in History, a MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History, and a PhD for her study of John Locke, all from the University of Cambridge.

I’m tremendously excited that Hannah is joining the team. She is a brilliant intellectual historian with a stellar pedigree, and she’s full of dynamism and verve. I know the students will love her, and we are very lucky to have her.

Angel’s Emily Paine interviews me

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Emily Paine from Angel Magazine interviewed me recently over a cup of tea at the British Library. We talked of cabbages and kings, but above all, about New College of the Humanities, and my new book and series. Her flattering piece can be read on p. 47 of Angel’s March 2012 issue or by clicking on the picture to the left.




Why I have chosen to join New College of the Humanities

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I have written a post for The Guardian’s Higher Education Network blog:




The NCH debate – Response to Sam Leith in the Evening Standard

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Sam Leith in the Evening Standard yesterday (6 June 2011) published a critical article about the teaching staff at New College of the Humanities.

As one of those future staff, I replied, and my reply features in today’s Evening Standard, which you can read on p. 47 (http://standardonline.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx) or here:


My new job: New College of the Humanities launches today!

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I’ve been appointed subject convenor and Senior Lecturer for history at New College of the Humanities.

Today, on 5 June 2011, in the press – see The Sunday Times – Professor AC Grayling and a group of world-leading academics announce the launch of New College of the Humanities (NCH), a first-class independent university college, based in Bloomsbury in central London.

Fourteen leading professors will lecture at the university and they include, for history, Professor Sir David Cannadine, Professor Linda Colley, and Professor Niall Ferguson.

It is a new model for humanities in the UK and seeks to protect the humanities, which are likely to be under threat in coming years. It also values teaching: in the first year, students will have 12-13 contact hours a week, including two tutorials, one of which will be one-to-one.

NCH will initially offer eight degrees, with major and minor pairings in Law, Economics, History, Philosophy, and Literature.

NCH will admit its first undergraduates in October 2012, and is immediately open to applications. It is a paid model combining scholarships and tuition fees. The fees are £18,000 a year, or £6,000 a term (for both UK and international students). NCH will also offer 50 assisted places in the first year (more than 20% of the year’s intake), which will be a mixture of 100% scholarships, which will be means-tested, and exhibitions, where the student will pay only £7,200 a year – a fee lower than almost all UK universities.

For more details, see www.nchum.org or Twitter @NewCollegeH.

For news reports, see