Credo – interview in The Independent

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Dr Suzannah Lipscomb interview: The historian on why Liszt was the first Beatle, and how Henry VIII became a tyrant

At some point in this interview for The Independent, the journalist asked me my ‘life philosophy’.

You’ll notice that section is strangely missing.




Richard III: The King in the Car Park

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Well, hasn’t this all been fun? Medieval history hitting the news! Stop press for the 15th century!

There’s much to say about the discovery of Richard III’s bones, but as many people are saying it, for now, here’s my tuppence worth:

On BBC 2’s Newsnight with director Sir Richard Eyre and Kirsty Wark:


And in the London Evening Standard:

Booker Prize 2012: Mantel’s tale drips with the often putrid scents of the Tudor age

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Many, many congratulations to Hilary Mantel on her second Man Booker Prize for Bring Up the Bodies! She has set the standard for a new level of mastery of historical fiction and brought Tudor history to a wider public.

The Daily Telegraph asked me for an historian’s view on Mantel’s win, which you can read here.

“Sixteenth-century girl’s love for Tudor Suffolk”

Steven Russell interviewed me for today’s East Anglian Daily Times about why history is the new rock ‘n’ roll:

I wish Henham Park were my second home!

Finding the Tudors in East Anglia

My interview with Eastern Daily Press was published on Monday 28 May. I’m pictured at Blickling Hall in Norfolk at the Blickling Boleyn Festival. Includes my top ten Tudor sites in East Anglia!

Daily Mail’s Screen Detective

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The Daily Mail has reviewed tonight’s Bloody Tales (Nat Geo, 8pm), with a great run-through of its gory tales. Mark Wareham figures out the derivation of ‘ketchup’ and spots my apparently ‘trendily studded nose’ in ‘dusty’, historical manuscripts, as per usual.

Sky News Sunrise for paper review

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It was delightful to go into Sky News yesterday morning to review the papers with Eamonn Holmes, Charlotte Hawkins and Sam Delaney – even if it meant an eye-watering 4.30am start! This must explain why, as you’ll notice, I was still remembering how to speak in the first few minutes.

We talked about the proposed new A levels, the viewing habits of teenage murderer, Daniel Bartlam; Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s shoddy use of history and whether the Queen is a vampire.

My agent has kindly put a clip on YouTube (forgive the short shrift given to others…):




My dream dinner party guests from the past

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For the Telegraph’s new history page, I was invited to consider who would be my six dream dinner party guests from history.

I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this! I tried to choose people from different historical periods, who’d have fascinating stories to tell from the past, but who’d also make good dinner companions. I wonder what you think of my final choices!

Incidentally, I love the fact that the feature is called ‘Table Talk’, after the famous collection of Luther’s candid conversations over his dinner table. And I should add: I was told that I couldn’t make the obvious choices – Jesus, Shakespeare, Nelson, Churchill,  etc. My guests had to be a bit more obscure (which was actually a wonderful challenge), but as this isn’t mentioned in an introduction, my choices probably look peculiarly arcane…

Here’s the article online:

The Wellcome Trust fund All the King’s Fools!

I was the historical advisor on All the King’s Fools, a disability arts history performance at Hampton Court Palace on 24-27 February 2011. Brian Logan from The Guardian interviewed me and wrote a feature about it.  It was funded by The Arts Council, and was the pilot for a future project and performance funded by The Wellcome Trust that will be staged at Hampton Court in July 2011.