Henry VIII’s Will – Podcast with Dan Jones

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Henry VIII’s Will – Podcast with Dan Jones

The wonderful medieval historian, Dan Jones, here interviews me about my new book The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of…

The Plantagenets

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I spent 7th August recording a BBC History Magazine podcast interview about the wars of the roses, the fifteenth century, and the art and science of writing history, interrogating Dan Jones. The podcast is live on the BBC History Mag website. We also deviated into the writing of popular history, whether Richard III was a tyrant and other assorted matters

Dan is to present the book in a new series soon, which you must watch on Channel 5.

Why did Anne Boleyn have to die?

I’ve written the cover article for this month’s BBC History Magazine. In it, I try to answer a perennial question of English history: why did Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, have to be executed on 19 May 1536? Historians debate the evidence and have come up with four possible theories, which I’ve outlined, so you can make up your own mind about which is the most convincing.

The magazine also features articles by Ian Mortimer on Tudor breakfasts and Robert Hutchinson on the Spanish Armada, so is well worth a read!

I recorded a podcast on the AB question with Charlotte Hodgman, at the Tower of London, which you can listen to here.

Why did the Tudors matter?

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Earlier this year, I debated with Dan Jones in the Tower of London whether the Tudors or the Plantagenets were most important (we didn’t quite come to blows).

It was a BBC History Magazine event and they have now issued it as two podcasts (1 and 8 November 2012), to which you can listen here: http://www.historyextra.com/podcasts

Podcasting from The Vyne

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In this week’s podcast from BBC History Magazine, Dave Musgrove, the magazine’s editor and I, took a stroll through The Vyne in Hampshire to talk about its first owner, William, Lord Sandys, and Tudor court life.

You can hear it all, and see a splendid collection of photographs from The Vyne – a real gem of a house – on the BBC History Magazine website:


or go straight to the podcast here:


The podcast accompanies an article that I wrote in this month’s BBC History Magazine called ‘Tudor courtiers: Where History Happened’.


Mary Rose Museum article & podcast

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After talking at the Mary Rose Museum on 3 March 2011, the Museum has featured an article based on my talk and a podcast interview with me on their website.