A Huguenot woman: Jeanne III d'Albret, Queen of Navarre

In Praise of the Go-Between

Archives are one thing, the public another and connecting the two is one of a historian’s hardest challenges, as Suzannah ...
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Face to Face with History

Practical details from historical sources may convince us that historical fiction is fact, but, warns Suzannah Lipscomb in her History ...
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Game of Thrones has hacked our history

The fantasy drama is back – yet no matter how dark, brutal and beguiling it appears, it’s matched by Britain’s ...
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Divorced, beheaded died: on the trail of Henry’s wives

The history of Henry VIII and his wives can still be found around the country in the houses and palaces ...
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Carving Merlin into the rocks was an act of vandalism

In this editorial for The Daily Telegraph, published on 23 March 2016, Suzannah Lipscomb suggests that a 'compass' for Arthur's ...
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PL Holbein moment

Henry VIII: A King Caught on Camera?

Was Henry VIII a good-natured buffoon or an egotistical tyrant? Your answer is likely to depend on which cinematic portrayal ...
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Interview with The Independent

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb interview in The Independent, on 24 January 2016: The historian on why Liszt was the first Beatle, ...
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What Turns Me On

‘What Turns Me On’ – Sunday Mail

This provocatively named profile piece from the Sunday Mail of 3 January 2016 introduces Suzannah's favourite films, books, theatre, and ...
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Northern European School; Truth presenting a Mirror to the Vanities of the World; The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology;

A Question of Interpretation

The public expects historians to deliver authoritative accounts of the past, yet different conclusions can be drawn from the same ...
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An adult education

How should history be taught in schools? There should be no contradiction in constructing a history curriculum that incorporates both ...
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Mermaid relaxing in early 16th cent. Arundel Choirbook. Music for Mass by Nicholas Ludford. [LPL MS1f.28v], Lambeth Palace Library

The Stuff of the Living Past

Historians try to produce as total a view of the past as possible. Yet does our concern with facts isolate ...
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Sex Changes Over Time

High-minded allegations of prurience should not stop historians from examining the intimate lives of people in the past, argues Suzannah ...
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Living in a Material World

While it rightly condemns ISIS’ brutal destruction of the Middle East’s rich architectural heritage, is the West neglecting its own, ...
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Eerie: the metal sculpture of Alice Nutter in Roughlee, Lancashire

Shedding Light on Dark History

Suzannah's History Today column, from April 2015: the increasing commercialisation of sites known for their gruesome and violent history raises ...
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How recent is history?

We now live in an age of speeded-up history. To what extent should historians reflect this in their practice? In ...
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Why we still need feminism

In the New College of the Humanities' Anchor Magazine, Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb argues that we still vehemently need feminism. First ...
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Does Fantasy Fiction Beat Period Drama?

In her regular History Today column, for April 2014, Suzannah Lipscomb argues that the strangeness of the past can be ...
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A Code of Conduct for Historians

Historians should adhere to a rigorous code of professional practice if they are to avoid the kinds of careless mistakes ...
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Poirot or Scheherazade?

Are historians inevitably faced with a choice between academic analysis or popular narrative, or should they aim to master both ...
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How does it feel?

Understanding the emotional lives of people in the past is one of the most difficult challenges facing the historian, argues ...
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A Matter of Judgement

An inherent tension between the past and the present becomes explicit when we make our assessments of historical figures, argues ...
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Practice makes perfect

Politics should be informed not just by history, but by historians, argues Suzannah Lipscomb in her first column for History ...
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NO--14-Edwardian---- Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

Suzannah Lipscomb’s My London

Interview in the ES Magazine by Hannah Nathanson, 6 December 2013. The historian likes the Soho Arts Theatre Club and ...
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The History Girls: Meet the women building a bright future from the past

In The Mail on Sunday, in November 2013, the article features Suzannah together with Dr Kate Williams, Dr Anna Whitelock, ...
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10 Minutes With… Suzannah Lipscomb

The historian on King George and OD'ing on Game of Thrones, by Hannah Nathanson in The Daily Mail, 2 August ...
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Plenti and Grase: Food and Drink in a Sixteenth Century Household

Review article reproduced from History Today, volume 60, issue 4, April 2010 Suzannah Lipscomb on a book about how the ...
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Henry’s big year

Article reproduced from Reform Magazine, December 2009 Five hundred years after his accession to the throne, Suzannah Lipscomb looks at ...
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Henry’s pleasure palace

Article reproduced from Essence Magazine, July/August 2009 Suzannah Lipscomb, author and research curator at Hampton Court Palace, on the endless ...
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The new face of Tudor history

Being around Henry VIII proved an unhappy experience for some women. Suzannah has been happily living with the tyrannical king ...
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