Suzannah is an engaging public speaker and has given many talks and lectures, including keynote speeches and distinguished lectures, at literary festivals, businesses, universities, museums, galleries, history societies, schools, and history festivals.

Please contact her broadcast agents, Knight Ayton, if you’d like to invite her to speak.

Upcoming Talks

  • ‘Playing the fool’Hampton Court Palace, 23 May 2017.
  • ‘Six Queens: The Wives of Henry VIII’, The Spring, Havant, 1 June 2017
  • Chalke Valley History Festival, 28 and 29 June 2017
  • Kings School Gloucester Prizegiving, 6 July 2017
  • ‘Henry VIII in Love and War’, History Masterclass with Dr Sam Willis, York Minster Old Palace, 12 August 2017
  • ‘The Reformation’, Keynote lecture, Institute of Historical Research, 24 August 2017
  • ‘Henry VIII: The Making of a Tyrant’, Historical Trips,  11-17 September 2017
  • ‘Elizabeth I before the Armada’, Ashbourne Treasures Group, 22 September 2017
  • ‘Witchcraft and the Witch-Trials’, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, autumn 2017
  • ‘Passing God’s Judgment: The Reformed Church and Women in Sixteenth-Century Languedoc’, Distinguished Lecture, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France, 7-8 December 2017

Here she delivers a keynote lecture at a Media Conference in Malmo:

Here she is giving a TEDx talk at St Paul’s School:

What are people saying about Suzannah’s talks and tours? Storify has comments after a recent day-trip to Hampton Court.

Recent Talks (2015 and 2016):

  • ‘The Witch-Trials’, History Masterclass, London, February 2017
  • ‘The Past is a Foreign Country’, Queen’s Gate School, February 2017
  • ‘The Mystery of Henry VIII’s Will’, Trinity College, Cambridge, February 2017
  • ‘Character and Conscience: A Dynasty of Catholic Queens’, Katherine of Aragon Festival, Peterborough Cathedral, January 2017
  • ‘Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn: The Lovers Who Changed History’, Jaipur Literature Festival, India, January 2017
  • British Council in Singapore; Harrow School, Bangkok; UWA Dover, Singapore, ‘The Wars of the Roses: The Real Game of Thrones’, November 2016
  • Epsom College in Malaysia, ‘Shakespeare’s World’, November 2016
  • Institute of Historical Research History Day, Public History Panel, November 2016
  • BBC History Magazine Weekend, ‘Leadership Lessons from the Tudors’,York, November 2016
  •  Liverpool John Moores University, ‘Why does Tudor history still form a key part of British national identity?’, October 2016
  • Bolton School Girls’, ‘Leadership Lessons from the Tudors’, October 2016
  • Cheltenham Literary Festival, ‘Clash of the Centuries’ and ‘Power Beyond the Grave’, October 2016
  • BBC History Magazine Weekend, Winchester, ‘Leadership Lessons from the Tudors’, October 2016
  • Universities and Employers Panel, HMC Annual Conference, October 2016
  • ‘Henry VIII’s Hampton Court’, tour with Historical Trips, September 2016
  • Travel Editions, ‘Shakespeare’s World’, August 2016
  • King’s Lynn Festival, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’July 2016
  • Chalke Valley History Festival, July 2016
  • Guildford High School Prizegiving, Guest Speaker, July 2016
  • Queenswood School Prizegiving, Guest Speaker, July 2016
  • Chalke Valley History Festival, ‘The Mystery of Henry VIII’s Will’, July 2016
  • Althorp Festival, ‘The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of Henry VIII’, June 2016
  • Oxford Literary Festival, Christ Church, Oxford, ‘Hidden Killers’, April 2016
  • The NCH Lectures Spring Season, Senate House, London, ‘The Mystery of Henry VIII’s Will’, February 2016
  • Arcola Theatre, London, ‘Then and Now: Witches, Women and Outsiders’, panel debate, January 2016
  • St. Pancras Old Church,  ‘Unravelling the Mystery of Henry VIII’s Last Will and Testament’, November 2015
  • History Hit Live! Ask the Historians with Dan Snow, St James’s Piccadilly, ‘Witchcraft’, October 2015
  • BBC History Magazine Weekend, Malmesbury, ‘Unravelling the Mystery of Henry VIII’s Last Will and Testament’, and debate with Marc Morris, Janina Ramirez, and Saul David on ‘Which is the most interesting historical period to study?’ October 2015
  • Stamford Endowed Schools, October, 2015
  • Cheltenham Literary Festival, debate on how History should be taught in a multi-racial Britain, with Anthony Beevor, David Olusoga, Tristram Hunt, and Tony Little, October 2015
  • BBC History Magazine Weekend, York, ‘Unravelling the Mystery of Henry VIII’s Last Will and Testament’, September 2015
  • Brentwood School, ‘The Tudors: The Dynasty that Made England’, September 2015
  • Friends of Nonsuch, ‘Fit for a King: Power, Glory & Fashion at the Tudor Court’, September 2015
  • The National Archives, Writer of the Month, ‘Henry VIII’s will’, September 2015
  • Full week-long tour of Tudor England with Historical Trips, ‘The Making of a Tyrant: the Reign of Henry VIII’, September 2015
  • Epsom College Prizegiving, Guest Speaker, June 2015
  • The Telegraph Travel Tour, ‘The Fatal Courtship’ – talk and tour at Hampton Court Palace, May 2015
  • How The Light Gets in at Hay Festival, including a debate ‘Vanity Fair, on narcissism’, with Prof. Simon Blackburn and George Galloway, chaired by Ritual Shah; and a talk on Henry VIII’s will, May 2015
  • Swindon Literary Festival, ‘Public Intellectualism Today’, May 2015
  • Winton Capital, ‘What we can learn from the past?’, April 2015

 If you’d like Suzannah to come and talk to your organisation, please pick a title from the following list, or ask about a topic of your choice:

  • Is the Past a Foreign Country?
  • What Can we Learn from the Past?
  • Why Care about the Past?
  • Prince to Tyrant: What Changed Henry VIII?
  • The Mystery of Henry VIII’s Will
  • Leadership Lessons from The Tudors
  • The Tudors: The Dynasty that Made England
  • The Anne Boleyn Controversies
  • Shakespeare’s World
  • Scars on the Landscape: The Dissolution of the Monasteries
  • Magnificence, Love and Scaffolds: Politics at the Court of Henry VIII
  • Fit for a King: Power, Glory and Fashion at the Tudor Court
  • Breaking the Silence: Finding the Ordinary Women of Sixteenth-Century France
  • Passing God’s Judgment: The Protestant Church and Women in Sixteenth-Century Languedoc
  • Possibilities, Perils and Passions: Tudors and their Houses
  • Elizabeth I Before the Armada
  • The Sister Queens: Mary I and Elizabeth I
  • The Six Queens of Henry VIII
  • Tyranny, Self-Fashioning and Power: The Literary Sixteenth Century
  • Remembering the Tudors
  • The Wars of the Roses: The Real Game of Thrones
  • The Reformation
  • The Four Horsemen: Revelation, War, Famine and Disease in the Early Modern World
  • Witchcraft and Magic in Early Modern Europe
  • Public Intellectualism Today
  • The Sexual Ethics of the Past
  • The Uses and Abuses of the Past

Notable Previous Talks (prior to 2015):

Keynote and Distinguished Guest Lectures

  • Media Evolution Conference, Malmo, Sweden, ‘Learning from the Past’, August 2013
  • Society of Renaissance Studies Annual Lecture, 2011
  • Historical Association at the British Library, 2009


  • Jardine Matheson Executives, October 2014
  • Chalke Valley, Patrons’ Dinner, March 2014
  • Department for Transport, DEFRA and DCLG, 2013

Schools (selected)

  • Haileybury School, Speech Day, Guest Speaker, May 2014
  • Ipswich School, Speech Day, Guest Speaker, May 2014
  • Villiers Park Educational Trust, July 2012


  • University of Oxford
  • University of Texas at Austin, October 2013
  • Texas State University, October 2013
  • University College, Dublin
  • Queen Mary University
  • The College of William and Mary
  • Fordham University
  • Salisbury University
  • The University of Maryland
  • James Madison University
  • Washington & Lee University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of East Anglia and UEA, London
  • University of Lancaster

Museums and Galleries (selected)

  • The Director’s Lecture, Ashmolean Museum, May 2014
  • The Tower of London, ‘The Fall of Anne Boleyn’, May 2014 and May 2012
  • Victoria & Albert Museum, May 2013
  • World Monuments Fund at the Royal Geographical Society, September 2012
  • Kensington Palace, June 2012
  • Kenilworth Castle (English Heritage), May 2012
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • The Mary Rose Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery

History and literary festivals

  • BBC History Magazine’s History Weekends, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Chalke Valley History Festival, June 2014
  • The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, June 2014
  • English Heritage Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall, July 2013
  • BBC History Magazine, Talking Tudors Day, April 2013
  • Throckmorton Literary Festival at Coughton Court, September 2012
  • Latitude Festival, ‘A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England’, July 2012
  • Blickling Hall, The Boleyn Festival, May 2012


Please email Knight Ayton, Suzannah’s broadcast agent, to arrange for Suzannah to speak at your organisation.