Bloody Tales of Europe

Bloody Tales of Europe

This six-part series for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, co-presented by Suzannah with Joe Crowley, aired in March to May 2013.

Suzannah writes:

“Since September, when I’ve not been teaching my lovely students at New College of the Humanities, I’ve been filming a new six-part series of Bloody Tales for National Geographic Channel with Joe Crowley (made by production company, True North).

Despite the gory subject matter, this horrible histories for adults has been enormous fun. It’s taken me all over Europe: Krakow in Poland, Slovakia, Nantes and Paris in France, northern Germany, Rome, Romania, Spain! I have also been privileged to meet a range of scholars from across Europe who work on the material we’re covering – everything from the death of Nero’s step-brother, Britannicus, to SS officer Amon Goeth in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Of course, I’ve got most excited by those stories that fall broadly in my area of expertise – 15th to 18th century Europe – whether the original French BlueBeard, ‘Vampire Lady’ Elizabeth Bathory, 17th century Polish gravediggers horribly executed for spreading the plague or even the body in the car park – the much maligned, Richard III.

There’s some great stories. If you enjoyed Bloody Tales of the Tower, you’re going to love this new series.”

Made by True North for National Geographic Channel.