Carving Merlin into the cliffs was an act of vandalism

I’m all for family-friendly, crowd-pleasing installations at historical sites – but not if we get stuck with them. Read my article in The Telegraph here.

PIC: ENGLISH HERITAGE/APEX 11/02/2016 It is a place of myth and mystery, with legendary links to King Arthur and over the winter months the legends of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall have been given new life. Eagle-eyed visitors can now discover a new addition to Tintagel's landscape - the sleeping face of Merlin carved into the rocks by 'Merlin's Cave' on the beach. Carved discreetly into the rock-face outside the cave, Merlin's profile can now be seen emerging from the stone. Merlin's reappearance at Tintagel is not the stuff of magic, but the work of experienced craftsman Peter Graham. Working directly into the stone, Peter has spent three months carefully crafting the image of Merlin into the rock. He said: "Recreating Merlin has been a wonderful challenge. You are working in this amazing place, but with the elements too - enduring tides, gales, and winter storms. "Usually you would choose the perfect stone from a quarry, but here I have worked into the rock of Tintagel's landscape. Merlin has emerged organically out of that rock, to see him now is really rather satisfying." ** SEE STORY BY APEX NEWS - 01392 823144 ** ---------------------------------------------------- APEX NEWS AND PICTURES NEWS DESK: 01392 823144 PICTURE DESK: 01392 823145

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