Public History

I was kindly invited to give the keynote lecture at the University of Reading's recent Public History day and, afterwards, I discussed authenticity, heritage, and the potential tensions with academia, with Prof. Kate Williams:

The Great Fire

In this new stripped three-part special Dan Jones, Suzannah Lipscomb and Rob Bell take a fresh look at the Great Fire of London by walking the actual route the fire took across London, hour-by-hour, street-by-street and in the process uncover what really happened in Britain’s worst inferno.                                                                                                         In this revelatory…

Elizabeth I

In May 2017, Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones presented their new three-part docudrama on Elizabeth I. Co-written by the presenters and director Christopher Holt, the show starred Lily Cole and Felicity Dean as Elizabeth I. It reached 2.2m viewers in its first week It was Pick of the Week in…

Remembrance of Things Past

'Making History' for History Today The maxim ‘show don’t tell’ is often forgotten when film-makers confront historical horrors, argues Suzannah Lipscomb, as two recent cinema releases demonstrate. David Lowenthal’s review of David Rieff’s book, In Praise of Forgetting, in the March edition of History Today is rightly scornful of the practicality…

A Case of Double Standards

Keith Thomas's article about double standards in the sixteenth century unfortunately applies today to the historical profession itself. In my latest column for History Today, I examine how female historians are still treated unfairly both inside and outside the academy, and argue that things must change.
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