A Ladybird Expert Book

Part of the new Ladybird Expert series, Witchcraft is a clear, simple and entertaining introduction to the magical myths that have coloured the popular imagination for centuries.

Witchcraft explores the moment in history when witches were perceived to be especially dangerous: the famous witch hunts between 1450 and 1750.

For an adult readership, the Ladybird Expert series is produced in the same iconic small hardback format pioneered by the original Ladybirds. 

What’s new about this book?

In a short volume that can be read in one sitting, Suzannah has tried to explain why – at one moment in history – huge numbers of people were persecuted, prosecuted, and executed for witchcraft. It hadn’t happened before; it hasn’t happened since. Why did it happen then?

It is illustrated by the really wonderful Martyn Pick, who has a style that blends realism and fantasy in a way that makes his illustrations powerful means of telling the story of witchcraft and the witch-hunts.

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