Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home

While the Victorians confronted the challenges of ruling an Empire, perhaps the most dangerous environment they faced was in their own homes. Householders lapped up the latest products, gadgets and conveniences but in an era with no health and safety standards they were unwittingly turning their homes into hazardous death traps. In a genuine horror story, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb reveals the lethal killers that lurked in every room of the Victorian home and shows how they were unmasked. What new innovation killed thousands of babies? And what turned the domestic haven into a ticking time bomb?

Written and presented by me, produced and directed by Suzanne Philips and made by Modern TV.

This aired on BBC 4 on Wednesday 3 April at 9pm.

With 772k viewers, it was the most watched programme on BBC 4 that week!