Not Just The Tudors

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb is the host of the hugely successful Not Just the Tudors podcast from History Hit.

Suzannah talks about everything from the Aztecs to witches, Velázquez to Shakespeare, Mughal India to the Mayflower. Not, in other words, just the Tudors, but most definitely also the Tudors.

Not Just the Tudors launched in May 2021 and releases two episodes a week every week. That means there’s a back catalogue of more than 200 episodes to explore.

‘Complete with enthralling stories, lively guest experts, and immersive audio production, “Not Just the Tudors” is thoughtful, intelligent and entirely engrossing…

‘Each episode is beautifully produced. Between its immersive sound design and Professor Lipscomb’s ability to weave enthralling stories from meticulous research, there are few other history podcasts that have reached this caliber [sic].’


Writer: Suzannah Lipscomb

Researcher: Esther Arnott

Producer: Robert Weinberg

Senior Producer: Elena Guthrie

Produced by HistoryHit.

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