Step Into The Past


What if you could follow in the footsteps of your ancestors and reveal the hidden tales behind some of the UK’s fascinating historical locations? Join historian Professor Suzannah Lipscomb and the experts at Findmypast as they visit a range of locations cared for by the National Trust, to uncover the stories that took place there. Each episode explores the family tree of a guest whose ancestors played a key role in the history of the property.  

If you’ve ever wondered about your own family history, enjoy thinking about some of the mysteries lost to time, or are fascinated by historical records, why not Step into the Past with us?

’There are as many history podcasts out there as there have been kings and queens of Britain, probably more, but very few are as successfully engaging and compelling as this one. Hosted by Professor Suzannah Lipscomb and aided by in-depth research from Find My Past, each episode takes someone to a National Trust property that has a strong link to one of their ancestors, starting with Lipscomb’s own family. The bad news is that there are only three episodes. We want more!’

– Radio Times

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