Bloody Tales of Europe

(National Geographic, 2013)

This six-part series of Bloody Tales for National Geographic Channel with Joe Crowley is like Horrible Histories for adults.

This series takes Suzannah and Joe all over Europe: to Krakow in Poland, Slovakia, Nantes and Paris in France, northern Germany, Rome, Romania, and Spain.

It covers everything from the death of Nero’s step-brother, Britannicus, to SS officer Amon Goeth in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Along the way the pair examines the histories of the original French BlueBeard, ‘Vampire Lady’ Elizabeth Bathory, 17th-century Polish gravediggers horribly executed for spreading the plague, and even the body in the car park, the much maligned, Richard III.

Bloody Tales of Europe


Cinematographer: Mark Stokes

Executive Producer: Glyn Middleton

Made by Truth North for National Geographic.

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