The Royals: A History of Scandals 

 (More 4, 2023) 

In this four-part series for More 4, Suzannah explores the ways in which the royal family have been at the centre of scandals throughout history, and what role the press, Parliament, and the public played in generating outrage and spreading rumour.

Ranging from suspicious deaths to scandalous marriages, and from sexual misdemeanours to extravagant spending, the series draws on stories from a 13th-century royal mistress to a 19th-century murder in St James’s Palace itself.

‘Suzannah Lipscomb fascinates us … fun and insightful’ ­

Radio Times

‘Suzannah recounted the story pacily and clearly… she presents a complex, shocking story, with enough twists to fill a novel, without losing any of the threads’

Daily Mail

‘our presenter’s enthusiasm carries this along nicely’

The Times


Series Producer: Mark Ball

Executive Producers: Clare Hollywood and Steve Regan

Made by Hello Mary! for More 4.

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